Kentucky Ballistics

Kentucky Ballistics Kentucky Ballistics

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Good clean shooting fun!


14:24Big Revolver vs BIGGEST Revolver 💥
Big Revolver vs BIGGEST Revolver 💥Vistas 338 milHace 7 horas
8:10It’s An AK-47...But BIGGER!!!
It’s An AK-47...But BIGGER!!!Vistas 457 milHace 7 días
18:32Fall Edition: Glock Torture Test 🎃
Fall Edition: Glock Torture Test 🎃Vistas 347 milHace 7 días
13:0240 Cal…BUT STRONGER!!! 💪
40 Cal…BUT STRONGER!!! 💪Vistas 448 milHace 21 un día
11:19This Glock Is THICCC 🍑
This Glock Is THICCC 🍑Vistas 486 milHace un mes
12:38Gatling Gun vs Atlas Stone (250 lbs!!!)
THE STREET SWEEPER 🧹Vistas 1,4 MHace 2 meses
11:49Why Did I Buy This ??? (Worst Shotgun Ever)
MINIGUN GO BRRRRRRR!!!Vistas 1,3 MHace 2 meses
11:3350 Cal vs GIANT Jawbreakers 🍭
50 Cal vs GIANT Jawbreakers 🍭Vistas 441 milHace 2 meses
8:47Will I Ever Shoot A 50 Cal Again?
Will I Ever Shoot A 50 Cal Again?Vistas 1,7 MHace 3 meses
8:14I’M BACK !!!
I’M BACK !!!Vistas 1 MHace 3 meses
MR. BALLISTICS-N-GEAR (FAF)Vistas 296 milHace 4 meses
EARL DIBBLES BALLISTICSVistas 404 milHace 4 meses
3:59My Final Update
My Final UpdateVistas 1,1 MHace 4 meses
KENTUCKY POET SOCIETYVistas 378 milHace 4 meses
KENTUCKY PLINKINGVistas 546 milHace 4 meses
KENTUCKY SARKISSIANVistas 505 milHace 5 meses
DONUT BALLISTICS 🍩Vistas 1 MHace 5 meses
KENTUCKY HERRERAVistas 911 milHace 5 meses
6:11How Is Kentucky Ballistics ???
How Is Kentucky Ballistics ???Vistas 1,3 MHace 5 meses
19:55My 50 Cal Exploded
My 50 Cal ExplodedVistas 24 MHace 5 meses


  • please be careful shooting glass jars

  • First shot, immediate jam. Ah, that's how you know it's a Glock.

  • Can a guy have to much fun. Nope it has been testet :)

  • Whats your excuse for not washing it!

  • I like the 500 magnum more. There is just something special about half inch diameter bullets.

  • Having recently watched Halloween Kills, I wonder if Michael Myers would survive being shot by this gun. I don't think so.

  • Can you do a video shooting gas filled jerry cans?

  • I think here in England,,, 5 or 6 hours in front off you,, so I'm off to work,,, but just watched your vid,,, fun fun fun, put a smile on my face,,the guns destroys what ever you shoot at,,, the melons,, boom,, splat,,, lol

  • So lucky to still be breathing!!

  • How in the hell can you lift a 50 bmg like that

  • I can see the PTSD brother 😔

  • Scott thinks knives are shovels

  • 1:59 solar titans in Destiny 2

  • Oh this right here. This is how you get ants.

  • Love you:) Hope for Halloween with elephant and a pumpkin. It’s pumpkin time lol

    • Maybe fallow it up with a small shotgun.

  • I want the very clean brand new shirt

  • The “pewter cruiser”.

  • pumpkin+tannerite

  • hmm of the range sounds like off the ranch

  • It's good to see The gun genie back

  • Never thought I'd hear Scott say "This is the same table as last time."

  • Scott you remind me of the comedian Gallagher, but instead of smashing everything you make them explode! He's probably retired, but how awesome would it be you 2 did a show of smashing and exploding canned goods and watermelons!

  • The .460 has better penetration while the .500 is just far more destructive as those can's exploding showed.

  • Link to buy shirts please?

  • 2 hand cannons, 2 targets, 2 hands... satisfying!


  • Honestly I have all the colt big snakes I love the python want the old police edition

  • Looks like Scott's feeling better.

  • Godspeed brother...thanks for the lesson.

  • I know your gonna say the poodle was your wife's idea but we know lol great video my man

  • There is something rill satisfying to see Groot explode

  • I bet the raccoons have a feast

  • I've never seen halo fire like that out of a handgun.

  • @8:36 the hanging yeti target goes bye bye

  • I bet the forest around scott's property would be an informational gold mine for observing the effects of diabetes on wildlife

  • I love all the stupid stuff (We Are like twins)

  • U mean half of 700....lmfao...that what matt would say

  • Dirty Harry had a son named Extra, and this is his firearm.

  • You should try and collab with Kendall Gray lol

  • No watermelon tiiiime :(((((

  • Great to see you all healed up shooting hand cannons in both hands 💪

  • Isac newton/physics, for every action ,there's a equal reaction ?🙃Scott

  • Best part was that sweet Malibu at the end

  • You killed SpongeBob's house.

  • Believe on the name of Jesus Christ and be saved from hell before it’s too late

  • I'm sure glad you have thumbs.

  • Damn! Real soldier! Salute! Glad your good 👍🏽

  • I would like to see you shoot the 0.950.

  • What’s your every day carry gun?

  • Gallagher 2021

  • Are you gonna wash it before you give it away? LOL...LOL...

  • Technically Scott didn't get shot with a 50 he got hit by the exploding gun parts...

  • How are your ears Tore off?

  • the 500 is godlike

  • A LAW or AT4 would of been cool.Oh who could forget the elephant gun.

  • You must still be getting intravenous juice from the Hospital 😂🤣

  • I Choose 50 cal Magnum !

  • God Bless you young man. Glory to God

  • YOU are having Way Too muchFUN !!

  • the ACP/SUPER rounds need the 5 shot moon clips but work just fine, I shot about 300 rounds of both with my friends .460 in Nevada pre covid!

  • just FYI you need to mention the cost of .50 vs. .460 ammo wise, and all the other .45 Cal. ammo the .460 can digest .454 Casul / .45 long colt (any variety) and pretty most any .45 caliber round on the market like .45 auto rim +p+ and even .45 ACP /.45 super and on and on and on!

  • .500 wins

  • How did he aquire a minigun? Lol

  • Have Emeril Lagasse as a guest and everytime you shoot food he yells BAM!!!

  • Can we point out that Brandon is so safe that he automatically engaged the safety upon realizing the jam?

  • I luv this gun. A little practice and...

  • It's Messy Time!

  • You sir, are a sick, sick man. LMAO

  • The 500 and watermelon time

  • Well I definitely can not dremel out stars on a flag while watching you. Laughing to hard and not messing up an order. 500 sw for sure

  • That's not the worst thing blasted back in his face and towards him.

  • "What's your excuss?" I cover in BEANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSS!SSSSS!SSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott, at the beginning of the video you had your camera aimed at your heart. Don’t you realize that a camera fires photons which travel at the speed of light? They are so fast that they go through your heart without you even knowing it. Hey man, just giving you some jazz. I love your vid’s. I am a professional photographer and just had to give you a bad time. With a camera you line up the shot, as opposed to acquire the target. Hold the camera absolutely steady, exhale, and then gently depress the shutter. Never slam it it else you risk a blurry shot. Wishing you only good things.

  • Check that sweep there cameraman

  • Always great therapy!

  • I think the 500 magnum did the best at destroying stuff! Great to see you doing so good after your accident.

  • 13:29 you have just made a pecan Glock pie sandwich

  • Slap round

  • Like any Red-Blooded American I appreciate your abilities with those MasterBlasters. The best part? That KB® maniac giggling!

  • I'd laugh my arse off if in the summer Scott finds eggplants growing everywhere. But that's a strange to plant the seeds, but the easiest. Push the seed into the ground with a hard cast. Hummm! I must try this in the spring