Kentucky Ballistics

Kentucky Ballistics Kentucky Ballistics

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Good clean shooting fun!


12:38Gatling Gun vs Atlas Stone (250 lbs!!!)
Gatling Gun vs Atlas Stone (250 lbs!!!)Vistas 812 milHace 14 días
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11:49Why Did I Buy This ??? (Worst Shotgun Ever)
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11:3350 Cal vs GIANT Jawbreakers 🍭
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8:47Will I Ever Shoot A 50 Cal Again?
Will I Ever Shoot A 50 Cal Again?Vistas 1,4 MHace 2 meses
8:14I’M BACK !!!
I’M BACK !!!Vistas 1 MHace 2 meses
MR. BALLISTICS-N-GEAR (FAF)Vistas 289 milHace 2 meses
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3:59My Final Update
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KENTUCKY POET SOCIETYVistas 370 milHace 3 meses
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6:11How Is Kentucky Ballistics ???
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19:55My 50 Cal Exploded
My 50 Cal ExplodedVistas 19 MHace 4 meses
13:35The BIGGER The BETTER 💪
The BIGGER The BETTER 💪Vistas 1,3 MHace 4 meses
BARRETT 50 CAL TORTURE TEST 😱Vistas 1,1 MHace 4 meses
10:4450 Cal SLAP vs Body Armor 💥
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11:13My First Hand Cannon 😍
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KENTUCKY BALLISTICS 500 MAGNUM 💪Vistas 303 milHace 5 meses


  • get well soon mate 👍🏻

  • I want the monkey with the shot off face

  • You two should dress in full body cloths like that and shoot 22LR at each other for fun. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

  • man if I shot a 50 and it exploded I would never fire another 50 again but you just keep making great quality videos Respect Level -99999999999909.1

  • I was in the middle of drinking my glass of milk when Scott shot the dummy in the nuts. That was too funny!

  • Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you are making a full recovery. God bless you.

  • Should've called it the PT Loser Love your videos man, but that car... lol

  • Man i Just met you and i love your attitude and energy thank god he spared you

  • How to clean janitor: (shots it with Shotgun)

  • loving these collabs they are always gonna be great glhf lads for collabs make sure yall got plenty of stuff to shoot

  • Does anyone have a link for the free backpack that was advertised at the beginning of the video?

  • Hoo lee fuk

  • you had a good doctor. looking super great for someone who had a 50cal explode in his face

  • Ok what's up with the thumbs down? The man is alive, I don't get it.

  • Sometimes, I wish I lived in Texas. Actually, all the time.

  • Knowledge is power that can be useful saving your own life....

  • Best intro ever lmao

  • i AM sorry to hear this get well soon

  • I wish I could have warned you around this time not to fire slaps out of the serbu

  • Too much give with the mannequin. Should have shot it against something more solid that doesn't just punch a hole in the plastic absorbing energy

  • Yes

  • Kentucky Ballistics? More like Kentucky Steel BALLS!

  • Good thing he had his safety goggles! They helped a lot

  • LMAO! If all this was was the intro I would have given it a thumbs up. You are pretty awesome. Keep up the good work!

  • That’s great, since I’m from commie NJ I can’t come and buy but I wish I could. Feeling left out!

  • Maybe there’s a reason you shouldn’t be firing rounds that aren’t produced anymore. Probably a bad idea to be using those rounds.

  • go big or go home i think u go to the hospital

  • Yes. Nicholson would be proud.

  • Lol I’d be running too

  • If it’s not your time to go it’s not your time. God is the one that decides

  • Don’t thank god wtf the doctors and ur dad did everything not fucking god

  • Bruh the por vac man

  • Brother hope you are doing well, best wishes to you

  • i feel like .308 is really underrepresented on the demoranch channel. so often he goes from 5.56 or x39 straight to the .50bmg. often times on tests the intermediate rifle rounds dont go through but i bet a .308 would or an AP .308.

  • GODDAMN!!! I'm glad that he's STILL alive! He took a VERY hard hit. He's very lucky.

  • Very glad you made it! keep up the good work!

  • Very nice

  • When all safety precautions are taken it’s ok to say...”hold my beer and watch this!”

  • dont take this the wrong way glad your ok glad but the scar is pretty dope

  • 44mag

  • Glad you are making a full recovery!! Great words of confidence and motivation!

  • Grand canyon hollow point

  • Your dad is one tough shooter 😅

  • I love how they stay the same, they act like nothing has happened to them or the world around them since they started.

  • What kind of knife is Kentucky ballistic, using... Anyone!!!

  • Guns are dangerous.

  • If you catch a 500 Magnum or a 50AE right in the back at your spine you probably not gonna move out of the hot zone. Just sayin.

  • Time to find a different hobby.

  • That intro was golden

  • Good clickbait thumbnail I found a sniper while magnet fishing

  • 2 kids playing togheter, how nice.

  • Scott actually takes the hits he doesn’t use a dummy when he gets a folding table thrown at him

  • Youre a warrior!!.Amazing

  • I think Matt is kind of a jerk and pessimistic for Scott video. When he almost died. He keeps commenting on the value and not caring about the prizes

  • Kentucky you’re safe with me is pitch black

  • I am Hang up my gun and turning to Jesus

  • funny this the only place where people try to make the 10mm look harmless. Meanwhile get a 10mm for self defense in a gunshop i've been told a hollow point will go through 4 people, and have been asked if i am going bear or boar hunting numerous times.... while asking about 10mm and 10mm accessories

  • Where do you get Desert eagle bullet from

  • I was gonna go But the train show is tomorrow in Temple Tx

  • Instant Karma

  • I was relieved to be alive

  • "Just put a like into it"

  • I legit laughed at the opening lol

  • Praise the Lord! Amen.


  • Make a sawed off version please!

  • Totally going to eleven 🤣🤣🤣

  • You're a badass man.

  • Why did you have to shoot the dummy in the ding ding at 5:50? What did he do to you?

  • pfff what a terrible accident thank god you are alright now

  • its truly amazing how far we’ve come in terms of medical assistance and things like that! glad youre still with us brother god bless

  • It’s a blessing you’re still with us.

  • 4:19 I don’t know what you mean guys that face doesn’t look like an eggpla- oh never mind. I have never seen more of an eggplant face in my life.

  • Subscribed. Glad you made it

  • Big....bold....

  • US manufacture

  • god is good!

  • Lol Scott you look like hulk running away from the 2003 when he escaped the facility haha I have mad respect for u man keep up with these hilarious IT WATERMELON TIME 🍉🍉🍉🔫🔫🔫💣🧨💥💥💥