50 Cal vs Heavy Bags 🥊 (ft. Stephen “Wonder boy” Thompson)

Publicado el 24 mar 2021
Stephen “Wonder boy” Thompson - esmain.info/life/L89...

In today’s video we see how many heavy bags it takes to stop a 50 cal! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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  • We had a “blast” lol! Thank you so much for having us out at the range! 👊🏻🙏🏻

    • Coming for 185 title…. Jk

    • Stephen thompson looking jacked and heavy!! Solid looking.

    • @OYT999 Roblox t

    • Gollie man

    • Dam bro your one of my all time fave fighters & then you come to the gun range in your wife's jeans?!?! SMH.....

  • definitely should show Scott after his accident in a best of 2021 video when he sees Stephen

  • I wish I could have warned you around this time not to fire slaps out of the serbu

  • i wish there was a counter of how many time Stephen said GAHLEE

  • 57 would have made it threw

  • Nice to see Wonderboy out there. Need to try the elephant gun on them.

  • Try the 50 BMG with the ralphus round on a large ballistic gel block, like 16" square x 36" deep with a piece of cement board in front to trigger the ralphus effect.

  • bring out the 700 nitro ;)

  • Gahleee sorry that was extremely annoying

  • I hope they tore the 1st bag and retrieved all the bullets stuck in there.. ❤️❤️

  • Everyone is gangsta until Scott pulls up with his 500 Smith and Wesson... 🤦🤦🤦

  • I guessed 3 bags for the fifty and 1 for the other calibers! Yay I was right. Ive already been impressed with how well folded up cloth stops bullets then throw in sand! Super tough.

  • 50 bayl wolf

  • “There losing control” *STARTS FINGERING THE BAG*

  • Cut one in half

  • Was his pants tight enough?

  • This looks like a job for the elephant rifle


  • Mi

  • I don't watch fighting sports, name didn't ring a bell, immediately recognized "that slim guy" cool collab

  • If u were shooting with my buddy i would definitely have to take breath's in between cracking up and my shot

  • “Gol ly”

  • Where was the 45-70 revolver lol I’m disappointed

  • The nmf!!!of the world .

  • Wonder bra lmao

  • What do you like about archery?🤔

  • We found a new military protecting material 😂

  • Golly!

  • How did you even get those jeans on man?

  • Dude needs to lay off the skinny jeans. Wtf lol

  • Those are some tight pants

  • Can we get a gawlee count?


  • If you sell your ts12 one day, i'll take it

  • where was the elephant rifles?

  • This is insane, if you’re ever in a gunfight just hug a heavy bag 😂

  • dude the sand and stuff stops the bullets

  • We need the 700 nitro on those, that way Scott can justify buying 7 bags!

  • Gahhhhhh leee

  • Might as well build our armored cars out of punching bags xD

  • im so happy to see scott back behind his 50.

  • I respect Stephen but those pants man, yikes lol.

  • Should've used the elephant gun.

  • So basically if I want to make my car bulletproof I just need to put punching bags around it. Thanks

  • 🏠❌️❌️😔😔😔💵🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • So everlast punching bags are a viable option as soft armor barrier🤣. No more sandbags soldiers

  • Wonder boy is such a polite guy in a company filled with goofballs


  • Do you and kendall gray live close by each other

  • Not another 50!! 😆😆😆😆

  • well now we know who's getting the next military contract for sand bags.

  • And 20mm .......?

  • سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم🤍. اشهد ان لا اله الا الله واشهد ان محمد عبده ورسوله🤍

  • my favourite gun

  • Can't kick anything in them skinny jeans.

  • Well... Maybe Everlast would manufacture some fairly good balistic vests...

  • Steven "wears women's jeans" Thompson.

  • Would have loved to see the 5.7 round shot at the bag

    • Or like m855 I think they are called (green tips) 556

  • You know what crazy at my boxing gym theirs ripped bags from being punched by strong bullets can’t make it pas two bags that’s crazy great video!

  • Hello Steven "Wonderbra"! Lol

  • Awesome intro!

  • How to make a tank: Steel Kevlar Punching bag

  • Take a shot every time wonderboy says gahhhleee

  • 300 mag

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Build the Trump’s wall out of these bags. No one will ever get through.

  • 👀

  • So glad that we got to see Wonderboy shooting..one of my fav UFC fighter, im startin to like this channel more and more...im not disapointed subscribing the channel..keep it up 👍🏽👍🏽


  • Wonder boy- I can take a kick to the face! Scott- Amateur. Hold my eggplant and let me see that 50 cal. But in all honesty glad you ok man.

  • hmm.. maybe you should've used a BEANBAG round? eh? eh? .......i'll see myself out.

  • So im hiding behind punching bag unless terrorists bring 50cal

  • How many times did Steven say GAHHLEE LOL

  • Idk man my fn15 with these black tips I used once would go through I think it was goi g through steel idk what the black tip ones was but man they were strong

  • Wish he had the 700 nitro express during this time

  • No offense to Stephen Thompson, but I'm pretty sure that .50 cal kicked your butt worse than Stephen ever could! Glad to see you're doing a lot better now though, Scott! Be safe :)

  • There should have been a "golley" counter in this vid...

  • Absolutely zero % of you would say anything to his face, and picking on another man's pants is more womanly than any pair of pants could ever be. Ya'll sound like teenage girls. Who fucking cares

  • Trump bulletproof car is made from punching bag

  • Bro

  • It’s the sand. A arrow would do better😕

  • Dude seriously needs to get some pants that fit. That’s disgusting

  • bring the bags back with the 700 nitro hard point

  • Should’ve shot one bag long ways

  • Elephant rifle

  • stephen wonderbra thompson, that's actually a good joke

  • army need these

  • Elephant gun please

  • Stephen....Bro you 've got the striking! you only lost your last fight because you held back, im not sure why??? but Bro you got it, LET 'EM GO BRO!!!! AMERICA STRONG STAY FREE LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC

  • @00.15 Yo scott, where did you get the Matt look a like?....LOL...LOL...

  • Heads up. I’m from the future! Your beta 50 cal is gonna blow up

  • Did that Thompson fire from a closed bolt then cycle into an open bolt? Edit: Either my brain is rotting or that Thompson fires from a closed bolt and last round locked on an open bolt.

  • Maybe we need to hook up them boy's with 300+lbs of punching bag armor 😄

  • Love these videos

  • them pants tho boy. whooooooiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • That's why it's called Everlast

  • I feel like Scott could take on stephen

  • Thank you, at 4:05 or so, he mentions a TC Contender... reminds me of my dads Contender. He had multiple barrels including .223, 45/410, and my favorite ouch round probably more powerful than a 500 mag, a 14 inch barrel in 45-70----that's a lot of power out of a handgun----I look forward to my first firing of a 500 mag(fingers crossed)

  • Shoulda hauled out the 20mm with that many bags.

  • I now what to hide behind if I'm in a gun fight