700 Nitro Express vs Bulletproof Glass !!! (World’s Biggest Elephant Gun)

Publicado el 10 ago 2021
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In today’s video we see how much bulletproof glass it takes to stop a 700 Nitro! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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  • Sorry about last week everybody! I hope this video makes up for it! I have a lot of fun stuff coming your way! I hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!

    • Same with a .700 NE but brass solid.

    • You do know glass dust in your lungs isn't healthy, right... RIGHT !!

    • shoot a baskitball gols glas

    • While it'll be difficult to get a hold of, my vote is for a Lahti L-39 to one-up the 700 Nitro.

    • every time you make a mistake ,you get better and better.

  • Yes

  • When all safety precautions are taken it’s ok to say...”hold my beer and watch this!”

  • I wonder if an armour penetrating round could be made for the elephant gun

  • Yes

  • Didn't have enough travel time.. get it going for more penetration.

  • how to make liberty cabbage step 1: mince cabbages with shotgun

  • Verney-carron gun ?

  • I was right the 700 wasn't going to because of how big it is

  • So when shooting at the presidents armored vehicle use elephant guns got it thank you lol jk

  • Of all the popular youtubers that do these types of videos, that intro made me laugh harder than any of them. Great content. Keep it up

  • Of course it will

  • Call the intern for clean up :)

  • "That's about 7 and a half inches..." That ain't what she said!

  • wow man, that's powerful!!!

  • 9:22. And that is what good husbands do… Blast things with a 12 gauge

  • So this is how they make Big Mac lettuce 09:24

  • He’s got bulletproof glass but not bulletproof doors js 😅

  • kentucky slaw!

  • 500 magnum vs 700 nitro

  • Scott is going through a midlife crisis after almost dieing. Now he’s getting his logo tattooed on him. Just glad you’re fine

  • You should a 20 mm rifle

  • That glass is some awesome glass and way to make some coleslaw.

  • once the tactical trex pulls the 700 nitro express no no no no that a little to big

  • Thé end was hilarious

  • I love the cabbage destruction. Hahaha good to see your playing it safe! Id love to see some of your shots in super slow mo phantom style.

  • I like this guy

  • Why can't you make extra slow motion viedo so that we can see in detail

  • its bullet resistant not bullet proof ask who ever made it i once fired a Holland & Holland nitro express that was awesome

  • смотрю ради вступления))

  • G. Big€

  • Dude poor table mag dumped the poor thing

  • use a sniper

  • Scotts makin' that coleslaw! Glad you're back at after the incident and doing very well!

  • Big bullets speed up after leaving the barrel. Point blank is not the most energy.

  • Hahaha best intro EVER Kentucky Ballistics" Its bullet proof just give up you big dumb lizard." Big Dumb Lizard "Pulls out 700 nitro" My favorite part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • What yr is ur Chevy

  • T Rex for konggress

  • Fired too close. Further would get better results.

  • God money, I'll do anything for you.

  • 700 Nitro Express... ... ... ... Now that's a BFG!

  • Why recycle when you have a 12 gauge shotgun

  • Where I come from they lock people us for this. Not really.

  • Let’s not hire this guy to demolish a wall. He’s not going to use the tool you expect.

  • Maybe the 700NE needs more distance to gain speed.

  • He executed the table

  • Ever since I started watching your channel, I have no need for antidepressants 😂... seriously

  • I would love to come over and shoot that rifle of yours. Love them big boomsticks! Good show, keep it up

  • That beginning was hilarious 🤣 Ok ok ok 😂

  • EX LEO here…..Same calibers you just used against body armor


  • Shoot the 950 jdj.

  • Watching this video, anyone would think you had an aversion to being hit in the neck with stuff or something...

  • 2:20 that’s what she said

  • The cabbage heads at the end of the presentation really represent a potent danger ... Ridiculous and sick representation! American presentation..?

  • i cant imagine if some crazy people were to shoot these rounds at military humvees

  • Doctor? Lawyer? Lottery winner? Whiskey scion?

  • yes \

  • 700 nitro express is for longer range targets, it picks up velocity and impact energy as it travels

  • That's a shame you're wasting a good table

  • Tats are stupid and if you have one, you are stupid.

  • Ambitious as ever

  • One of my favorite videos you've made! That was a ton of fun. Glad you made it out the other side and all healed up! Can't wait for part 2 with Matt from Demo Ranch. Take care brother.

  • I wonder how much the muzzle velocity played a part in the terminal ballistics of each round? Perhaps the smaller diameter of the 458 and thinking it had the highest muzzle velocity of the 3. I would love to see those three calibers each having a custom turned ballistic tipped fmj compared to the rn used in the video. Curious. Love the content and the new ink! Keep on keeping on!

  • You should have space between the squares of glass. When they're touching like that it just transfers the energy. That's why they broke without penetrating.

  • Next doll to put on the front... Bid*n 💪 Cheers 🍻🥂🙌

  • Fix those windows as they would be fixed in an APC those nitro's will go through, standing loose allows for rearward absorbtion

  • Slaw for days!

  • A long thick nail takes a lot more force to pierce a 2x4 than a narrow brad. Wouldn’t the same apply to ballistics of a bullet? Would a narrower bullet with sufficient charge have an easier time of it? I know zero about guns or bullets but love watching this stuff.

  • organic confetti anyone?

  • Imagine a minigun chambered in 700 Nitro...

  • Starts at 5:17

  • Get a decommissioned armored car and shoot at it

  • Put safety glasses on

  • I was gonna subscribe until you started wasting food that is nothing but sin good luck cya

  • Heck ya and trex go gib money

  • Shoot a watermelon with the 700 nitro express or a hog head.

  • You shot it to close. It didn't have a chance to reach full speed

  • how about punt gun sir ?

  • Please explain what that poor table ever did to you? I understand the veggies, but the table? Come on man!

  • Blasting vegetables is great and all, but let’s blast some meat!!!

  • So ... I'm watching this video for the second or third time and it dawns on me.... I haven't seen a Full Auto Friday in forever. Any plans to bring that back?

  • 🇺🇲

  • When the barrel of your rifle is large enough to snugly fit a 20 gauge

  • I sure that glass is expensive, but you have to have new glass for each bullet for it to be a comparison.

  • Fire a Lewis Gun for Full Auto Friday.

  • What do I want to see you shoot next? Yourself.

  • 9:29 did we just get ga-nomed

  • It's my birthday when u launched this :))

  • The plastic being on the right side more matter if you are using it to protect someone from a bullet the other way would spray them with shards of glass

  • The nitro express is big but it ain’t 4 Bore big!!

  • hey ya wanna ask bob when hes gonna get the 4 bore elephant rifle in? the 4 bore shell dwarfs the 700 nitro shell, its for when your hunting the elusive wild dump truck.

  • This is the funniest gun channel

  • Hi. I'm new to the channel. Love the big boomers. I recommend getting your hands on a. 460 Weatherby. Ballistics all the way up to 8000 pounds of energy. Not far from the 700NE, and a hell of a lot cheaper to shoot.

  • Need to get the riot glass channel to throw you some windows.

  • AMAZING VIDEO! I LOVE THIS SECOND PART! Could you shoot exploding stuff?

  • id shoot the door its made out of a pop can

  • Daniel Son would break’em all!!!

  • Gonna have to call you "Shrapnel Daddy".