Bulletproof Clothing Torture Test (ft. Demolition Ranch)

Publicado el 14 sep 2021
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In today’s video we torture test some bulletproof clothing! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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  • Don’t forget! Come help me beat Matt on September 18th at Apache Rifle works in Comfort, Texas! Also Garand Thumb, Goldberg, Robert Oberst and Si Robertson will be there! Thanks for watching today’s video! I hope you enjoyed it!

    • Forgot the 700 nitro ?😝😝

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  • Don't worry... I stuck a thumb in it.

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  • Too much give with the mannequin. Should have shot it against something more solid that doesn't just punch a hole in the plastic absorbing energy

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  • i feel like .308 is really underrepresented on the demoranch channel. so often he goes from 5.56 or x39 straight to the .50bmg. often times on tests the intermediate rifle rounds dont go through but i bet a .308 would or an AP .308.

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