Publicado el 19 may 2021
Donut Operator -

“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -

In today’s video I react to the Donut Operator version of Kentucky Ballistics!

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  • A big thank you to Donut and the gang for making today’s video! I hope you all enjoyed it and thanks so much for watching! There is more to come!

    • Man...great friends and supporters arr amazing these guys really are good dudes.

    • Oh

    • I've heard about rounds designed to destroy captured American weapons... Could this have been one of those "Demolition Rounds" ???

    • If you think the dolphin sound is funny turn one where they use a quack from a duck to censor

    • Scott. If your better. Please use Barrett to shoot alot lines of water melon like 45 60

  • Damn. John is becoming quite the shot!

  • how come nobody came up with the joke "well the table got another one" when Brendon got hurt

  • I'd like to see some ballistic donuts now.

  • Tell me your American, without telling me your American 8:59

  • This is the most high effort low effort video I’ve seen

  • Hey Donut, color grade.

  • I'm so glad you're okay and doing better I bet that hurt like a mfer.

  • Thank you sharing this with us

  • I think that colors are off

  • "it's like a shitty tomato" cracked me up

  • You should have edited out the table stock… now this is going to become the new California compliant stock.

  • How did you get a tear? I was hitting eggplants with my folding table in support of my friend who was injured in a firearm accident….

  • this video felt like jackass with guns. i loved it :D

  • 10:19

  • Isn't Matt Best the owner of Black Rifle Coffee Company? 😬😬

  • The look on Eli’s face was so funny lmfao 🤣

  • This is the only acceptable use of satan’s condiment.

  • Donut gets to do things I’ve always wanted to do like unload into a table with 9mm

  • Did donut forget to take his phone before shooting the white table 2:45

  • Cant wait till the ATF bans table stocks

  • You have great friends

  • Great Video!!!👍🏻

  • I love that Matt best showed up!

  • 2:05 wait.... A family friendly guns channel? There's absolutely no logic in that 🤣

  • For your next video you make, take the walking dead baseball bat and have your dad throw a few eggplants and you try to hit ‘em and see how far and high they go. That would be really cool to watch!

  • I've never in my life seen a person bite an eggplant like an apple, that made my day I want that on a shirt lmao

  • Man these crossovers are incredible.

  • the song at 10:25 ,any chance any of you know what it is? i know it i just cant for the life of me remember the name or any lyrics to look it up.

  • I like how all of them have trucks 8:56

  • 6:50 "I. am. iROn mAN" 😂😂

  • Why does gun owners do dumb things to stuff we can shoot

  • Love the song Whitehouse Road playing in the background

  • I love the back round lady may music haha

  • Love these vids

  • I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh so this why Brandon had that tape on his shoulder

  • Does a "50BMG" come in a hollow point ???

  • Hey Scott . As a former therapist I have some advice for you man . TAKE YOUR TIME !!! YOU CAN NOT HEAL ON A SCHEDULE !!! WHEN YOU THINK YOURE READY ... REST AND HEAL A LITTLE BIT MORE ... How do I know ??? 13 auto accidents . Two hernia surgeries . Boxing . Kick Boxing . Body guard . Martial Arts instructor . Bouncer ... You get the idea 💡 😏... Believe me . Re injuring something hurts twice as much and takes three times as long to heal . ( IF , it heals at ) . So please don't rush it man . Take your time and get better . You can't rush it so don't be in a rush . I know you wanna go lift . You wanna go shoot . And get frisky with the wife . ( my wife is a hottie too bro ... ) . Just take it easy and let your body do its work . Be safe . Your friend Ray .

  • This video was pure art

  • 2:07

  • "We have the means to repair him. We just don't want to spend the money".

  • That's just wonderful destruction of eggplants and watermelons, and those pesky folding tables

  • Those are very nice tables. The ones I bought from WalMart became useless when the screw threads stripped. I had to improvise leaving the table top with protruding carriage bolts.

  • thanks donut.

  • When baddie pile drives onto the table when they were playing pong was great

  • gotta admit, baddies little hop skippity before his legendary table slam was just nothin short of pure badassery


  • 50 big slap round shot with a string 60ft away behind cover nothing happens hold the gun nearly dies that’s life good your doing better tho and no more slap rounds

  • The conversation during beer-pong was, Donut: "Well, you did it!!" Brandon: "Yeah, but you were thinkin' it!! Only for some Viking to "Leaping Lanny Poffo" the beer-pong table, like a BOSS!!. {0.o} 😂😂😂

  • I think this is my favourite one yet I cant stop laughing 😂

  • How about Hickok Ballistics 45???

  • I DO NOT BELIVE IN GOD but ill be damed if i didnt start praying as soon as i saw what happend

  • Our video to you Scott! Get well soon brother!

  • love to the table

  • I love the tyler childers music in the background

  • I'm a big Donut Operator fan... Well done Donut and gang, you guys are the f...(Dolphin sounds..) best, Scott Heal up soon man.

  • there is no saturation in this video ;-;

  • Just another day of Officer donut bustin another perp

  • Hopefully that guy’s shoulder heals up, but he did a great job trooping it out!

  • This is the reason why women live longer than men, its because women dont play baseball with eggplants and tables.

  • Wholesome

  • Oh man this one had me rolling on the floor. RIP Brandon’s shoulder😂

  • Okay, I always saw Donut as a stand up guy. But Jesus. Where does a guy even source an eggplant outfit complete with short pants. Is that a item?


  • I can hear the liberals screaming in the background

  • Anyone have a link to those Eggplant clothes??

  • Hi

  • I like how he added a filter for the table execution scene then forgot to take it off lmfao.

  • Donut is the man. Love that guy

  • 11:43 Slap 11:55 Slap 12:00 Punch... idk, it was missing something... This video was fun!!!


  • “So yah doc I was hitting a eggplant with a table and boom ....”

  • how to make a Level 6 Million vest Replace the Plate with eggplants Profit

  • Only 1 was a folding table... the rest were card tables....

  • That bow's not shooting correctly, maybe Donut's nocking point is too high compared to the arrow rest but that arrow is flying at an angle. The easy way to see if your nocking point is well placed is to shoot arrows through paper.

  • Donut and the Gang is a great band name

  • I’m glad you’re healing up well when you say you’re healing up well that makes me happy

  • "I don't think that's how you play the game." Hahahahaha

  • I know Matt is there in spirit! Or running the camera! And Mere provided the pink duct tape.

  • I’m so glad that your getting better dude, I was so sad to hear what happened

  • Probably the best video yet!

  • Love that Whitehouse Road snippet!

  • It's like watching an episode of JackAss...WITH BIG GUNS!!! Tell Brandon to "put a thumb in it"

  • This is one of those "What could go wrong?" videos. Glad to see Scot is getting better. Can't wait for another Scot hunt from t-rex.

  • Hey anyone know what that sick holster is that donuts wearing.

  • Scott: when life gives you a hole in your neck Put a thumb in it

  • Bring in hikok45 if he’s down for it Love that guy and I feel like he’s the godfather of the boys here lol

  • 7:27 You can see the pure pain on Brandon's face with each chop😂

  • omg lol

  • Ahh so that’s where the tape on Brandon’s shoulder came from

  • Whitehouse road

  • Scott u getting close to 2 million my guy

  • Need to make a flak jacket out of eggplant

  • Hey man, I've had pins in my hand a couple times (Definitely not from punching walls) but those things are super shitty so I feel ya man.

  • Dude Brandon hurt his shoulder and nobody said, "Just stick a thumb in it?"

  • Love this video! Who's the bearded man bun guy?

  • They could have put a thumb in a eggplant.

  • BIG respect for the Tyler Childers song that plays briefly.

  • Nice Tyler Childers 🤙🏻