Publicado el 16 jun 2021
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In today’s video I react to the Earl Dibbles Jr version of Kentucky Ballistics ! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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  • A big thanks to Earl and his team for making today’s video! Watching these videos gets me so pumped to get back on the range! It will be here soon!

    • @K0D hi

    • from this channel I have learned two sentences. ' it's watermelon time' and ' nobody like eggplants'

    • 4:13 Can we have a eggplant Plushy? 😂

    • L 👌

    • Spam is some pork confguration popular in Hawaiia it’s like bologna

  • His teeth reek cityboism.

  • 0:47 bro hahahahaha

  • YEE YEE!

  • What is the country boy music name

  • I use to chew big league chew when I was a kid 😂

  • Why does Earl Dibble sound like he's talking with something in his mouth

  • What even IS diet tea?!

  • 🤨 who love eggplant anyway.

  • Alternate title: City boys despair as Southern man destroys their products and their dignity at the same time.

  • 2:19 no one thinks spam is meat not city boys not country boys not anyone I think everyone can agree spam is a abomination


  • I feel like he doesnt like dark skinned people

  • What even is that , he says. Lmao

  • Earl though me that my dad buys country boy watermelons ....... oh yeah

  • When he said, "the countriest gun of them all", I was expecting a 30-30 lever action lol

  • o doles is non alcoholic beer Scott.

  • I was hoping he was gonna shoot white claw

  • Earl is the best

  • The best dictatorship is disguised as a democracy. America where freedom isnt free...

  • spam is good.....

  • Hey what is the background music Earl used in this video? Keep up the good work scott

  • I like the part where he says he better kick that eggplant

  • I'm sorry, but as a native Kentuckian I'm gonna have to chime in here. You ain't country unless you're using spent brass as ear plugs.

  • Just a regular 12 gauge shotgun. Yes

  • Odouls is fucking god awful

  • Aww man, I'm jealous of your neck scar! I'm upset that you almost died though

  • If you pull out a knife on scot he Will shoot if you pull out an egg plant he Will scream and run

  • The yeh-yeh makes me giggle

  • probably grew the watermellon

  • Some of the HEBs in Texas sell those watermelons down here in Texas especially around the summer time

  • Does this mean I can't watch the video because I'm a city boy

    • I always wanted to be a country boy anyways

  • Earl Dibble sounds like Dale Gribble

  • O duals is a 0% alcohol beer

  • Long-time viewer late time subscriber

  • We all love you Scott

  • You'll like deer meat until you eat a Mule Deer. Ick!!

  • Spam is a Hawaiian thing

  • I need to get a put a thumb in it shirt

  • Odouches is Non alchoholic beer

  • Thank you. Its big here up North, but I cant stand Spam. 🤮

  • Granger smith and earl are actually the same person because same tats and he said he owns yee yee and earl is wearing a yee yee hat. See

  • Music name?😅

  • Yee Yee!🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦆🦆🦆🦃🦆🦃🐦🦃🦆🦃🦆🦃🦆🦃🦆💙🦴👁️👄👁️

  • Go to Hawaii and see about Spam.. not to many cow's you know brah...

  • That was one of the best besides Matt lmao

  • YeeYee!


  • You are missing out on spam.

  • What a funny video

  • Yee yee

  • YEE! YEE!

  • Good Ole US and A

  • Yee yee nation!

  • It's so on point, even using the washing machine to set up 😂

  • I’ve eaten spam and it’s not nice.

  • O'douls? I'm not sure what that is? Nobody's ever told you I swear I ain't been drinking it's non-alcoholic beer

  • What

  • Earl scared the yee-haw out of me. Guy was totally creepy. My son told me it's an act and he's really not that crazy. *Sigh of relief*

  • I kicked an entire box of eggplants. Because NOBODY LIKES EGGPLANTS.

  • ,glad to see you back sir.. Supporter from philippines here..

  • I love sweet tea and I grew up mostly in the cities and I will agree with him diet sweet tea deserves to be wiped off the face of the planet

  • Just got turned onto some of the best country rock I've ever heard !! Thank you Scott !!

  • #FunnyasHeck


  • What's "O'doul" ? 2:38 Looks like beer? Is it so bad you need to shoot it? Because that is only a last resort kind of thing... Praise thy beer!

  • This is a great video.

  • That was awesome Y’all

  • Love you brother, were praying for you man.

  • Got my wife and myself some "put a thumb in it" shirts and they are real conversation starters

  • If yee yee could be deleted from existence I’d be happy

  • YEE YEE!!!!

  • I like big league chew.

  • Glad to see you doing better Scott!

  • @Kentucky Ballistics: #1 - Glory to God you are alive!!! #2 - Odoul's is NON ALCOHOLIC (let me say this again) NON ALCOHOLIC beer. We can all agree on one thing, Why drink beer that has no alcohol in it?

  • In case you have ever wondered where the eggplants go when Scott kicks them... esmain.info/goal/v-deo/qKF2o5KGqKSiqqc

  • 02:21- I've only had spam once. It tastes like pork neck bones buried in salt.

  • Yes!

  • I love spam

  • I'm very glad you doing better Scott!!!

  • 🍺

  • I love spam

  • Glad you are feeling great.. Just noticed your stress ball is a little eggplant.

  • Lol spam is an islander thing.

  • Love this. So funny.

  • The f? Spam country AF

  • O’douls is like non alcoholic beer it’s weird my dad used to drink that all the time

  • I really appreciate all of you gun tubers. You've all inspired me to start my own channel. Kin Folk, please stop in and check it out. I'm new, but I'm learning fast.

  • Earl dibbles and granger are the person you know that right

  • And Now That's How Country Boys takes care of business

  • O'Douls is like...Alcohol free beer...aka Near-Beer.

  • I'm actually disappointed that I never watched your channel before the 50 cal accident even though I'd heard of you never watched until then and I think a lot of people are also just realizing you have great content and having many supportive friends in the same industry as you

  • 12 shot shot gun

  • Odd statement about not eating spam. Something tells me you know nothing of the history of spam, you are not a so called prep or done any time in Hawaii

  • I propose to you now a voice modualtion on a Gatling, so you can "talk" with bullets!

  • It's a non-alcoholic beer tastes like s***

  • SPAM... Scientifically Processed Artificial Meat

  • Green tea aint that bad lol and spam is fucking delicious!

  • Thanks, before this Video I didn't know Granger Smith at all and since this Vid he's definitive my favorite country singer. Maybe it doesn't mean much to you, since I am from Germany. But Granger is my new music hero! Thank you for that once more.

  • I know where you can get a bigger watermelon