Gatling Gun vs Atlas Stone (250 lbs!!!)

Publicado el 31 ago 2021
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In today’s video we see if we can bust a 250 pound atlas stone with the gatling gun! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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  • Please download and play Hunting Clash for FREE from my link -

    • Ricochet!!!??? Its a round ball bud!! It doesnt matter where you are. Its all the same!! Smh

    • New Subber, ps see on your page picture , is that a tribeGoblin on the couch? Hello from Scotland btw.

    • damn,,,that thing holds a good zero for a gatlin gun

    • how biut a dhoutvyo autumn's armory,,thst little girl is crushing it

    • yes ,,,,,the fkn kb cruiser 😆 🤣 😂 fkn hilarious

  • Best intro ever lmao

  • Imagine Gavin and Dan from TheSlowmoGuys were here to give us an even better look at this wonderful madness 😄

  • Cost of the sphere: 100$ Cost of the rounds for destroying it: *OVER NINE THOUSAND*

  • That's one badass PT Cruiser

  • It's like shooting the moon with a laser

  • U should try attaching a drill to the hand crank and let ‘er eat

  • I love how this guy makes intros

  • Now after 500 rounds it looks like a death star. !

  • Is it just me, or does that thing look like The Death Star? Well, for a few minutes at least. Great to see you looking well Scott.

  • Makin gravel out of the Atlas Stone

  • 2:54 anyone else think of rocket league lol

  • Gun Genie LOL funny stuff keep it up

  • Jesus, I had to skip the first minute n half

  • The gun genie said, "screw your freedom scott"

  • Hey, is that an all wheel drive PT ? Can you shoot a 45 70 rnd out of a Judge ?

  • Keep it up

  • You should of finished the ball with a 50BMG or will Matt do it

  • hook a drill up to the crank!

  • Ngl best intro ever definatly better then all of matts intros 😉😉🤣👍

  • Wonder if you can rig up a drill to that thing

  • Ur way better at intros than demolition ranch js

  • Amazing intro🤣🤣🤣

  • Just remember democrats and independents are just as good at guns as you are so don't get it twisted on the 18th

  • I just got my CCW what revolver should I look at or do you recommend

  • That’s one way to get more gravel on your range.

  • Do you name your guns?

  • Great intro!!!!!

  • Your a nut brother! I thought this video was awesome!

  • Love it. Just some general, "I got bored. Let's shoot an atlas stone with a Gatlin' o' Guno'." I think we need a museum for all of these awesome "pew-pew" channels random targets that are awesome like this.

  • do 357 magnum

  • if only the US army would sponsor you , you could try a 1000 lb atlas stone vs a 30mm Gau-8 gatling like the one in the A-10 warthog :D

  • That genie sounded like Arnold

  • Fire a cannon at an atlas stone.

  • Your physics make 0% sense bruv. Your shooting a ball. Still subscribed tho.

  • You need an m134!

  • You should take the handle off the Gatling gun and use a drill to drive it and see how fast it can really shoot

  • Time to upgrade to a 45 ACP Gatling gun with +p ammo

  • Try removing the crank, plugging in a cordless drill ... just to see how fast it can shoot !! It would been a lot of fun to see, and kind of, safe!


  • Now, do a minigun...

  • Use a power drill on that thing 😘

  • Sideways in a mudhole that’s just how we roll. Your PT cruiser is A1

  • You have the most badass scar in the world.

  • Bro the intro head me dead. 😂 Bless you man glad your doing well.

  • I have a suggestion for what to shoot with the Gatling gun. I’ll give you a hint. Old, has dementia, lives in Washington D.C in a big White House…….

  • the gen jini

  • Shoot one of matts guns apart with the gattling gun

  • Replace the handle with a drill or something for proper fully automatic fire .... you'll probably break a lot of laws by doing that though, I'm not too familiar with gun law

  • I was really hoping you’d pull out a browning after the first few reloads. Then obliterate with freedom cals.

  • Mr. Owl...

  • How the hell did I end up in this side of 'murica?

  • That gatling gun looks awesome!!! It's on my guns to buy list lol

  • Attach a drill to the crank

  • thumbs up for the "ammo shortage"

  • Bill and Ted vs Arnold as a Genie

  • Matt's armored suburban at demolition ranch

  • 🤣♥️😎

  • You should try to hook a drill to the Gatling gun to try to make your own mini gun

  • How bout a pig air

  • Yawn

  • Video idea: get an A-10’s gun and destroy a M1 Abrams Tank

  • Started to look like the death star for a moment

  • Don't move to Texas, We need a great youtuber like you in Kentucky. No matter what Matt says. Love you both. LOL

  • and as always i feel sad for this waste of decent workout equipment.

  • is there any way to attach a power drill on the Gatling gun

  • What about minigun ?

  • did I seriously just watch a crazy man from Kentucky shoot a rock for 13 minutes? Yes. And it was very entertaining.

  • I never knew Tippmann made their Gatling gun in 9mm

  • Your laugh sounds like my uncle's Maybe you are my uncle 😳

  • 😂 its like the pie gun on bugzy malone.

  • put an electric motor to wind that thing and a motion sensor and put it in your garden for home defence , at the very least it will keep the cats off your lawn

  • What about attaching a drill to the gun . And brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • If you mount a battery drill on it you don´t have to crank = more precise at fast shooting !!!!!!!! 👍🎯

  • Again, your intros mad my days after a hard 11 hr night shift !!! And I know the coming main vid is as great as the intro 💪!!!!!!

  • Expensive home idea or easy on the right foundation.

  • that was funny when he pushed the atlas stone with the car

  • Jeez, that thing is rock hard.

  • 🤔...cordless drill + gattling gun

  • That intro was awesome.

  • I wonder what that blazing hot SLAP round that nearly packed him would've done

  • BS

  • Scott and Matt have the best intros on youtube hands down

  • I know what u should shoot with that gun...that car. Or better yet, wrap the whole car in detcord and see what happens. What's with the spoiler on it anyways but take off them tires, those r nice. That car looks like it's straight outta Kentucky trailerpark lol. Awesome video though. I've always been curious about what an Atlas stone was made of. Now I know.

  • Guns should only be allowed to responsible gun owners. The responsible gun owners:

  • HELL YEAH! Been waiting for this since you dropped your first vid with the gatling gun!

  • A Gatling gun? Who doesn't laugh with excitement when watching a Gatling gun being fired? As far as the atlas ball, mediocre. Not a win! Mediocre.....sorry bro.

  • This intro killed me

  • video start

  • what if you like, took the handle off and attached a drill to it... would be fun to watch

  • Great intro

  • “Not a machine gun” Cuz Jeanie sez sew

  • The most expensive way to make gravel, but worth the fun 🤩

  • I've been trying my best to get atlas stones to lift then you just find them all over the place and shoot them up

  • dumb crazy stupid thief:ooo lets robe kentucky ballistics house

  • I would’ve wished for dudes nipples to make bullets

  • Put a drill on it

  • You should figure out a way to do something with explosives.

  • Put a cordless drill on the crank of the Gatling gun!!!!!

  • 🤣🤣🤣 estas cada ves peor amigo!💪💪💪💪

  • The real first ever stone rocket league