Publicado el 18 jun 2021
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In today’s video I react to the Mrgunsngear version of Kentucky Ballistics ! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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  • Happy FAF! It’s been a while! I can’t wait to get back to blasting stuff with my full autos! I think Mike did a great job filling in! I hope you all have a great weekend and be safe!

    • Scott, we're looking forward to FAF with you. I think you will like it: Eggplant's attack. Full Auto Friday Russian edition special for Kentucky Ballistics.

    • Um.. scott can you upload a new vid??

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    • Hey Scott! , I had a question that I've been dying to know the answer to. Did the S.L.A.P round that mangled your 50 cal make it out of the firearm and if it had, was it on target and did you ever look for it ? PS. I'm happy you're almost back to it :)

    • love your videos

  • Nice video

  • The best dictatorship is disguised as a democracy. America where freedom isnt free...

  • 1:38 Pineapple is dead 🥺🤣🙈

  • 🥰✌.

  • jk I like eggplants Scot:🙄

  • My 2nd favorite behind Warrior Poet's video. I am a subscriber to Mr Gun and this might be the most fun that I have seen him have!

  • Wow you really hates eggplant... Well me to!

  • I like it when he just pops out of no where to respond

  • Am I missing something or is that just burst firing rather than full auto 🤷‍♂️

  • That guy seemed so genuine and nice, I'm gonna go sub to him rn. Good to have you back now Scott

  • Will you ever shoot a .50 again. Please make sure your firearms can stand a proof load. I had a DWM balloon head cartridge burst in the rear of the case in a .30 Mauser C96 years ago and the gasses blew the extractor off and emptied into the magazine. I had my hand holding the magazine and it damaged the nerves for some time.

  • Hell Yeah Brother 💪🇺🇲🍉

  • rip 🍍

  • Great vid

  • Loving it 😍

  • Water Melon WM 33

  • You should line up a coconut with the pineapple and make some pinacolada!!!

  • I love the little talks your having and it’s funny when you said yes when he kicked it 😂😂

  • Good on all you guys supporting Scott. Love this channel. From Australia

  • Woooooo Stuff youPeasants cannot own, Friday.....

  • Dang he had a full auto G36. That's friggin awesome.

  • 2:20 that is hilarious 🤣💙

  • Ik this sounds corny man but im just used to u uploading a video weekly evverything ok? Just worried sonce the Injury

  • He should’ve shot one of those Full Auto Beretta 92 FS’s!

  • I'm in 🇵🇭

  • Scott HAPPY 4th Great to see you getting well! Your Friend base is the BEST!

  • I hope you can make videos on the range again soon

  • Pleassseeeee get a soda can launcher and shoot eggplants out of it

  • I want to buy a elephant rifle, anyone know something better than the cz 550?

  • Nice video always...greeting from Indonesia

  • Damn this guy loves HK guns. UMP-45, G36,

  • Where you at buddy. We miss ya!!!!

  • Scott how have u been healing so far and we mis having u back out there

  • What where did he go??

  • Prayers are with you and your family. Keep positive and, I am glad you are ok Sir

  • Try wrapping an eggplant with duct tape ... Bet it would explode like a melon .

  • Hey americans Serbs talking here sorry but we didnt know that the F-117 was invizible just take a look at operation Allied force

  • Ja vozim F-117 nevidljivog kraj ponos NATO-a ja gadjam bombama kad jedne noći razjebo me radar ENJOY

  • Mr g&g: I like eggplants. Scott: angy

  • Scott I hope you recover soon cause I love your videos and I feel bad that your throat got severed

  • Soooo ESmain un-subscribed me from your channel.

  • Ive been watching u for a year and a few months now so can u like make new content where u test bb guns im about to turn 14 and I really want one so if u can test some or give me a recommended channel that would be awesome.

    • @no body I think usa gun come with happy meal

    • @Tuna the cat i live in use gun permit is 21 duh

    • @no body no live in usa???

    • @Tuna the cat do u really think i can get a gun at 14

    • Get a real gun

  • All we need is FPS ballistics

  • This is not full auto this is rapid fire...

  • I'm in Kentucky

  • Weres the next video I miss Scott on the channel

  • Ey Scot I hear the US army is selling surplus anti tank mines for under $100. Thought you might want to pick some up if you allowed.

  • Most disliked video because he didn't kick the eggplant AND said he liked eggplant.

  • We need jschlatt to get his gun and do one of these 😂

  • hop you get beter soon scot

  • Off course we cant hear the full action... ... but it would sure have been nicer without the silencer :) And scott, how are you going to celebrate your 2,000,000 membership count??

  • Get better , and hurry up we miss you Scott

  • my uncle is in the Army and he used a sniper on targets and it was insane it blew the hole entire target out of the ground

  • When are you coming back

  • Scott where are you

  • Scott what lawn Inforcement do you work at

  • I wish arm and gun did one of these for Scott, he has a bunch of cool guns.

  • He's got a UMP AND a G36?! Two of my dream guns! 😍

  • Ugh, full auto guns need to be banned. And illegal, and semi automatic guns with pistol grips..

  • When are we getting "Kentucky garand thumb?"

  • There is a sportsman club few miles away from my house and I can hear them shooting all the time. They must fire some big guns.

  • Mike: I'm actually not gonna kick the eggplant I actually really like eggplants Scott: *try's best not pull out his magnum* Mike: *kicks it* Scott: *throws his magnum away and start cheering*

  • Funny video, loved it. Will always follow this page.

  • Sheesh when I first watched you you were on 400k subs now your almost on 2 million subs


  • Wow that guy has some sweeeeeeeeet guns. All surpressed and full auto talk about a fun collection

  • 2:15 this got me cracking so fuckin hard 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yooooooo😭this one of my dream guns

  • 112 🤫🎹🎚️

  • been looking to find ammo and i jumped on Email: Phone: (330) 406-9846 they are certified FFL dealers, they sell all possible ammunitions available including guns... fast delivery services they have 9mm, 223, 5.56, 300 blackouts etc You can contact them through their website below Email: Phone: (330) 406-9846

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  • I like eggplants..😫😫

  • How he gets happy when somebody kicks the eggplant 😂

  • If he likes this I have to do a wall sit for 20 minutes

  • Shooting gold and platinum

  • Hahaha Great stuff 🤣 Getting me a shirt here soon,can't wait.

  • I’m waiting for hickok

  • The title for Scott's return video should be titled "return of the scott".

  • So ik I’m late and probably won’t even get a respond but I’ll try, are you still in law enforcement?

  • Hope ya get better soon Scott yee yee

  • Hey hombre, its called full auto friday, not controlled burst friday...

  • Hey Scott I'd first like to mention I'm a huge fan, I haven't been able to purchase a lot of merch yet because I'm broke as a joke... secondly I'm officially declaring April 9th as the official eggplant kicking day lol. I'm glad to see your doing good and hope to see future videos.

  • 2:15 LOL

  • Why does the G36 have such a tall rail? What even is that? Edit: The MK111 also has a tall sight so I guess this guy just likes his sights to be tall.

  • Hey Scott by g36c gun if you want

  • 6:15

  • 6.15

  • In case you haven't seen this little angel. Skip to 9:30

  • If your a part of the kinfolk I'll subscribe to ya plain and simple

  • Do a night shooting video

  • 😊👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🔰

  • Scott did you hear? Demolitia Matt is scared of the 500 S&W....... last he touched one was with you!! He always talks about having bigger guns but the 500... nahhh he always says he has bigger calibres but he avoids the 500 like a Plague.... LOL

  • Wow 🙌 vídeo pra nóis 😃

  • Gotta kick the eggplant bro!

  • Sir I would suggest looking at my comment in your video of the 50 Cal exploding b/c I’m to lazy to right it down again lol

  • Hey Scott, Id like to shoot a video for you. How do I get it to you?

  • As always aweaome video👏👍🤙.Good to see your healing fast🙌👌.Stay safe and take good care of yourself.May The Almighty God Bless and Protect you all🙏🙏🙏.

  • Has anyone one else been unsubscribed from your gun channels this is the third time i have had to resubscribe, to KB. It begining to big me. Damnit ESmain leave us alone!

  • I love it when all of you ESmain gun stars collaborate on videos. I want to see Demoranch, Kentucky Ballistics, Zedra, AkGuy, Edwin S, Hickcock, Mickulek, Paul Harrell, Jorge Sprave, Tim Wells and 3 to 5 more internet gun personalities do a 3 gun competition, 1000yrd shot competition, an archery comp, Skeet shooting comp, and/or... bomber camp in Stockton CA, then Helo door gunner for fun. Maybe throw in skateboarding a 4' foot halfpipe(funny).